K & I Creative Plastics and Wood Working

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Jacksonville, FL. 32204
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K & I is Millwork in Jacksonville

K & I Creative Plastics and Wood LLC, located in Jacksonville, Florida since 1979, specializes in millwork and the manufacturing of custom and production products from wood and plastic. Our craftsmen work with customers to design and create a variety of products for personal and commercial needs. Please visit our gallery to see some of the many products we create.

Wood Working lathe


We have a complete Plastic Fabrication Department that features CNC machining of all types of acrylic and plastic materials. Many items such as Custom boat windshields, medical cabinets, convenience store self serve drink organizers, restaurant sneeze guards, bullet proof glass shields, brochure holders, marine parts, retail store displays, signage, or anything made of sheet plastic. Our plastics department professionals can help you design your project and incorporate cost savings ideas to help create the finished product. We also cut, finish and flame polish acrylic sheets to order.

Vacuum Forming

View a cool video of vacuum forming with the new vacuum forming machine we are currently using.
As a leader in the field of plastic fabrication in Jacksonville, FL for more than 30 years, K & I Plastics is dedicated to the continued growth offering Thermoforming along side our production of CNC and plastic fabrication. From concept to design and production, K & I will transform your product into reality. Our in house tooling department can produce from CAD drawings, tooling your specifications which insures your product will be the same with each and every order. Our specialized team of associates can meet all of your needs from prototyping, short run production, or long run production K & I is your first choice.

Woodworking & Millworks

Our Woodworking Department is a full service millworks shop featuring CNC machining and custom or traditional millwork profiles. We grind our own cutters for our wood moulder to replicate any existing or historic moulding, window sash or door trim. We build custom wood doors and windows. Our wood turning capabilities range from one off replacements or prototypes to numerous custom balusters with our hydraulic tracer lathe. Our master craftsmen have created spectacular spiral staircases and fine wood products for over 40 years. We also sell and service all hardwoods.

View a clip of Dario articulated arm bandsaw for decorative timber work.

Custom Made Spiral Staircase

We operate a commercial sign-age Department for interior or exterior signs, engraved plates and vinyl lettering. Look to K & I for all of your unique sign-age requirements.

Additionally, we have a metal machine shop and tool room if your project requires metal fabrication or custom jigs or fixtures.

Give us a call or email us at sales@kicreativeplastics.net to discuss your needs, and we can turn your ideas into cost effective finished product ready to use or market.